For Men


The unique menu of grooming services at Jody Jack & Co. salon designed especially for men includes salon services, skincare, laser hair thickening treatments, grey coverage, hair removal and manicures. Skilled stylists design haircuts appropriate for every lifestyle.

In a break from traditional hair coloring techniques, a natural blended look via a gentle ammonia-free formula, developed by MiN New York, is often preferred. A pretreatment gel prevents selected hair strands from absorbing color, and a wide range of shades is available. One of the most popular is ‘Pepper’ which begets a George Clooney or Ben Affleck look.

Shoeshine highlights are all the rage for those with short styles, where bleach is applied with foil to the tips of the hair in order to accent natural highlights, create an edgy look or simply blend grey.

High tech, pulsed wave laser treatments offered at the salon have been shown, in clinical studies, to increase the body and fullness of hair. They also stimulate cellular respiration in the scalp, releasing toxins and making it more receptive to nourishment.

Skincare treatments for face and back are customized for individual needs utilizing the purest organic skin care ingredients combined with medical effectiveness to achieve maximum clinically-proven results. Hair removal techniques include waxing (organic of course!) and threading, the Persian art that uses a gentle twisting motion and leaves no redness or swelling and lasts up to six weeks.

HAIR                                                                          PRICE

Haircut                                                          	        $45 & up

Single Process                                              	 	        $40 & up

Shoeshine Highlights                                    			$65 & up

Partial High/Lowlight                                   			$100 & up

Full High/Lowlight                                        			$130 & up

Conditioning Treatments                              				$35 & up

Laser Treatments                                         			by Consultation


Manicure                                                      		        $15

Facials                                                          	        $80 & up

Microdermabrasion                                      				$90

Mini Facial                                                    		        $65

Professional Facial Peels                             				$85 to $200

Back Facial                                                   		        $70



Ears                                                               	        $10 & up

Nose                                                              	        $10 & up

Neck                                                              	        $12 & up

Eyebrows                                                       		        $20 & up


Neck                                                              	        $15 & up

Ears                                                               	        $15 & up

Nose                                                              	        $18 & up

Eyebrows                                                       		        $25 & up

Chest                                                             	        $25 & up

Shoulders                                                       	        $25 & up
Back                                                               	        $45 & up

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