In addition to pumping up volume or adding luscious elongated tresses, you can get creative with color human hair strands in natural tones or bright, trendy, vibrant hues. Feather extensions and sparkly tinsel Dazzles offer additional opportunities to kick up your style.

Jody Jack & Co. offers more than 200 shades of high quality European Remy (cuticles kept intact) hair. Attachment method systems include Hairdreams® and Platinum Seamless®.

Hairdreams attaches the highest quality human hair strands with a unique, precision, comfort point bonding system that is pliable, durable and ergonomically shaped so the hair looks smooth and transition free, and is ultra-comfortable for the wearer.

The Interseal attachment method by Platinum Seamless combines the hair with an individualized paper thin adhesive gel attachment that allows the Extensions Specialist to choose the preferred application technique for the client based on hair type, condition and lifestyle. The results: long wearing, damage-free hair that is truly touchable.


Hair Extensions                Pricing By Consultation

Feathers                       $15 Each

Dazzles                        $2 Each   Full Head $25 


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