Organic Hair Treatments

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Hair Smoothie Treatments

Amazing Avocado
Egg, Avocado, & Olive Oil
Rich in fatty acids, vitamins A, B, C, and K, folic acid, potassium for super, shiny hair.

Banana Volumizer

Bananas, Organic Mayonnaise, Olive Oil, Essential Oil
Rich in potassium, calcium, natural oils and carbohydrates to smooth dry, damaged hair, control dandruff and add volume, shine, and strength.

Blonde Brightener

Potatoes, Lemon, Chamomile Tea
Rich in potato enzymes and acidic lemon juice, the chamomile and lemon act as whitening agents to break through the tough, keratinized outer layer of hair.

Beautiful Brunettes

Cocoa Powder, Plain Yogurt, Honey, Apple-Cider Vinegar
Honey moisturizes while lactic acid in the Yogurt and Vinegar allow the Cocoa pigment to penetrate the hair shaft.

Ravishing Redheads

Carrots, Honey, Yogurt
Yogurt’s lactic acid help coloring antioxidants in the carrots penetrate the hair shaft.

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